Invitation to Participate in United Nations IAEA Research Survey on COVID-19 and Cardiac Imaging


Dear Colleague,
Over the past decade, the International Atomic Energy Agency, part of the United Nations system, has conducted a number of surveys of worldwide cardiac imaging practice.  The most recent survey, on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on cardiac diagnostic testing
practices, is called INCAPS COVID and has been published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology (JACC), available at 
The INCAPS team believes that it is important to understand the impact that COVID-19 continues to have on cardiac diagnostic testing practice worldwide.  We have developed a follow-up survey to assess this impact and would be grateful for your participation. There are 3 parts to the INCAPS COVID 2 survey:
1) basic data about you and your lab/facility (including information needed to include you in publications);
2) a series of questions about your lab/facility’s practices regarding COVID-19; and
3) an estimate of the numbers of different cardiac imaging procedures your lab/facility has done during the pandemic (April 2020 and April2021) and during the baseline month of March 2019.  If yourlab/facility participated in last year’s survey, we only need you to provide the new data from April 2021.  We anticipate this should take only 10 minutes of your time per lab/facility.
The one or two individuals contributing data from each facility will be included in publications as a member listed by name in the INCAPS COVID 2 Investigators Group in all publications wherever possible.  We request that no more than one survey be completed from each nstitution and hence we only need one person from each centre to fill in the data. We ask individuals within each centre to talk with their colleagues and share the information so that only one survey needs to be completed per centre.  If a second person assists, there is space
in the survey to specify the second person’s name to be included for authors group membership in publications.  We aim to publish this collected data in a timely fashion so that this becomes available over the next several weeks.

You can complete the survey at 

If you are affiliated with multiple facilities/centres, we would be grateful if you would complete the survey separately for each centre.  The deadline for completing the survey is May 31.  The survey can be completed in more than one sitting if using a single computer.

We are well aware that you are all very busy at this difficult time, but we are hopeful that, with your help, we can produce an excellent survey which will offer valuable follow-up to the 2020, and help our patients around the world. We thank you for your involvement in our important project and are most appreciative for your time. 
Stay safe,

With kindest regards,

The INCAPS Executive Committee, IAEA, Vienna, Austria